Single Payer Healthcare / Medicare for All

My campaign believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right, afforded to everyone by virtue of being human.  With the Trump administration’s attempts to throw approximately 23 million individuals off health insurance by repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the best way to counter such efforts is to set up a single-payer healthcare system in the state of California.

As your State Senator, one of my primary goals is to fight to have California be the first state in the country to implement a single-payer healthcare system.  This healthcare system will model Medicare, which has proven to be successful for seniors and disabled individuals at the federal level.

In 2017, The California Nurses Association / National Nurses United(CNA/NNU) commissioned a study on the economic impact of establishing a single-payer healthcare system within the state of California as proposed in Senate Bill 562. The study, “Economic Analysis of the Healthy California Single-Payer Health Care Proposal (SB 562),” was created by a team of economists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) and estimated that a single payer system such as proposed by SB562 would result in an 18% savings in healthcare spending for California. I intend to use the study as a guide to explore how we can fund and establish a single payer healthcare system in California.