Mental Health

The 34th Senatorial district has one of the highest rates of suicide and mental health issues in Orange County and the state of California.  According to various media articles, however, the Orange County Board of Supervisors kept approximately $200 million earmarked for mental health and drug addiction treatment in reserves.  As your State Senator, I will call upon all local and county officials to use the resources earmarked to them to provide mental health treatment and other services.

In connection to the mental health epidemic, many hospital emergency rooms and/or mental health facilities are not providing an environment that allows for optimal care. A hospital emergency room does not have the staff or environment to protect the patient or others. With this, I support legislation that would require all medical facilities to establish a second emergency room, solely for psychiatric patients. Furthermore, I will support legislation that requires all free-standing medical facilities to adhere to all laws pertaining to nurse to patient ratios and the like as prescribed by California law.