Jobs and Workers’ Rights

Strengthen Collective Bargaining Rights

Having a strong workforce keeps California safe and keeps California and California’s families economically secure. What is also important is allowing workers to form labor unions in order to bargain for safe work conditions and fair wages and benefits. From the late 19th century onward, workers have fought to be treated with respect and given recognition for their work. As State Senator, I will explore ways to affirm California’s labor laws and explore ways that they may be improved. I am willing to work with union leaders, small business owners, and labor activists on how we can make California the best place to work.

Minimum Wage Increases

If elected, I will fight to fast track the legislation that raised the minimum wage to $15 that was signed into law in 2016. At the same time, I am going to draft legislation that links the minimum wage with inflation and cost of living expenses. By doing this, we can finally end the debate by telling workers that if they work 40 hours a week, they will not live in poverty.