The 34th district is home to the largest Latinx community in Orange County – Santa Ana. Because of this, immigration is a very sensitive topic within my district, and an issue that constituents expect their representatives to take seriously.   Therefore, I will do everything in my power to make California a sanctuary state, allowing immigrants to have the peace of mind that we will oppose Trump and his anti-immigration agenda.  Likewise, my sanctuary state policy will protect anyone who is a user of cannabis, as prescribed by California law.

Although immigration is a federal issue, the actions taken by president Trump and his administration against immigrants give great concern to me and our state. As someone who was born to Filipino immigrants seeking better lives for themselves and their families, I have an appreciation of the contributions of immigrants within this district, the state of California, and our nation. Additionally, as a son of immigrants I know many people who are undocumented and who live in the shadows, in fear of being picked up by immigration and customs officers and thrown out of the United States.

During Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign, he made his anti-immigrant and, at times, overtly bigoted views well known. Although immigration is a federal issue, as State Senator, I intend to serve as a check on federal power by protecting our immigrant population by holding the Trump Administration accountable by making sure that they follow current rules pertaining to protections afforded to those given Deferred Action status. And if possible, I intend to pass legislation that will protect undocumented individuals who are parents to American citizen children.