How To Vote

Need To Register To Vote?

Please click the following:  Register To Vote

If you think you are registered to vote, but just want to make sure, you can go here to verify your voter registration.

Some friendly reminders:

In order to vote in the June 5, 2018 Primary, you must be registered to vote by May 21, 2018.

Unlike the Presidential Primary, Elections for all other offices are Open Primaries. So, as long as you are registered to vote, you can still vote for our campaign, no matter your party affiliation, or lack thereof.

The top 2 vote winners in the primary move onto the General Election, indifferent to the party affiliation or lack thereof that the candidates who finish in the top 2. For example, 2 Democratic candidates can be on the ballot in the General Election if they were the top two winners during the primary election. 

If you are 16 or 17, you can pre-register to vote, and once you turn 18, you will automatically be a registered voter.

If you have recently changed your name, gotten married, or moved, etc., you must re-register to vote. In fact, when in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to re-register to vote.