Environment and Infrastructure

As Senator Sanders frequently pointed out during his presidential campaign, one of the biggest threats to our survival is climate change.  The scientific community is loud and clear that climate change is real and that it is already affecting our planet.  One way to hopefully turn back the effects of climate change is to make our community less dependent on fossil fuels and turn to alternative forms of energy.  One of the culprits of both our dependence on fossil fuels and causes of the release of greenhouse gases is the practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking).  Fracking has been shown to not only release toxic gases into the atmosphere, but can also cause the contamination of groundwater and of rivers and other waterways.  Fracking has also interfered with our agricultural sector by taking away farmers’ access to fresh water.  Because of the environmental impact of Fracking and resulting in our greater dependence on fossil fuels, one of my primary platform planks will be to call for a complete ban on fracking.  As a Democratic candidate, I intend to follow the California Democratic Party platform, which calls for a complete ban on fracking.

As Senator Sanders mentioned during his presidential campaign, the United States must take a “World War II,” approach to climate change. My campaign believes that California can truly be a leader in moving our country forward. With President Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement, we can begin to take charge to move towards complete energy sustainability. With this, I am calling for California to make a complete transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Unfortunately, California is one of the most polluted states in the union.  The pollution problem has also affected this district.  In order to deter corporations from further polluting our air, water, and soil, I propose a carbon tax to be imposed. This amount will be determined at a later date.  The tax revenue obtained by the carbon tax will be used to fund programs that will train workers who would be affected by the fracking ban to be able to work in the green sector and help in finding employment for said individuals.  If any money is left over, the money will be used to assist small businesses who want to get involved in the green sector.

Green New Deal and Infrastructure

As mentioned above, climate change is probably one of the most pressing issues in California, the nation, and the world.  Because of this, the green sector will continue to grow as people turn to alternative forms of energy.  Because of this, as State Senator I would like to heavily invest in the green sector, bringing about a green new deal.  This would also serve as a potential model for the rest of the nation.  Also, with my desire to ban fracking, heavily investing in the green sector will give displaced workers an opportunity to find employment within the alternative energy sector.

Alongside working towards energy independence from fossil fuels, our infrastructure is in need of maintenance and repair.  Because of this, I propose investing in infrastructure projects, improving our public transportation sector, the building and maintenance of public schools, among others.  Finally, I will push for the maintenance and repair of our roads, highways, and bridges, etc.