Election Reform

The right to vote is a fundamental right for a vibrant democracy to function.  In drafting our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, our founding fathers recognized that a government lacks legitimacy if not given consent by those who they govern.  This is the basis of our American Democracy.

Unfortunately, the influence of big money in politics has eroded the trust of the public that those who they elect will work in the best interest of their constituents.  Therefore, as State Senator, I will fight to have California be the first state to have publicly financed elections at the local and state levels.  Furthermore, I will be one of the loudest voices calling for states to hold a Constitutional Convention, in order to amend the United States Constitution to put an end to billionaires and large corporations from buying politicians and elections, thus, giving power back to the people.

Not only does the electorate have a right to vote, but greater diversity of ideas is what keeps a democracy healthy and vibrant.  So, as state senator, I will fight hard to establish a system of rank-choice voting.  So, people will be able to vote their true values and allow more voices in the political process.

As we have seen in Republican-dominated states, they have attempted to suppress the vote, making it harder for young people, seniors, people with disabilities, and people of color to have their voices heard via the ballot box.  In fact, bringing more into the process and allowing the people to take further control of their government is what makes our democracy strong.  As State Senator, I will further advocate and introduce legislation that guarantees same-day voter registration.