Agriculture & Animal Rights

In 2014, Governor Brown signed into law the Urban Farming Incentive Zones Act, permitting Counties and Cities to allow urban farming within their jurisdiction and giving tax incentives to land owners who rent out their land for the purpose of farming. Due to the concerns of environmental activists concerning the farming and business practices of large corporate-run farms and its connection to the degradation of the environment, I intend to support urban and family run farms. These businesses tend to grow organically grown produce and tend to grow products that are better to eat. Furthermore, family farms tend to be more responsive to the community they work. Family and community farms also tend to use humane techniques of caring and slaughtering animals.

California has some of the strongest language to protect animals from abuse and neglect. As State Senator, I will continue to work to make sure that all animals are able to live lives with dignity. This may include strengthening current laws concerning humane animal husbandry techniques, strengthen Proposition 2, passed in 2014 to include that all animal products must come from animals who are given the ability to stretch and fully move around, banning all wild animal performances, among others.