Trump Care Has Risen From The Dead, California Must Pass Single-Payer Now

On Wednesday, September, 13, 2017, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced his well-anticipated Medicare For All bill (S-1804).  This came during a time when the California State Legislative session for 2017 came to a close with SB-562 still in the Rules Committee of the State Assembly, effectively killing the bill until the 2018 Legislative Session.  This could not have come at a worse time, because on Thursday, the day after Senator Sanders introduced his Medicare For All Bill, Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy both introduced Legislation seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

According to this Politico article, states like California would be the hardest hit.  In fact, the article does an excellent job of explaining the bill in detail.  Because of this, California should all the more stick it to Trump and his anti-healthcare agenda and pass SB-562.  If California gets single-payer, it will set off a single-payer tidal wave as states like New York, Oregon, etc. will be more inclined to pass single-payer.  Please contact your Senators and Representatives to stop Trump’s anti-healthcare agenda, and support Senator Sanders/Representative John Conyers’ Medicare For All bill.  Likewise, I call on Speaker Anthony Rendon to release the SB-562 bill and actually respect the legislative process.  Everyone should call their Assembly representatives and let them know that we need to pass SB-562 immediately, especially with the threat of Trumpcare looming over America.  All the more, we need to get single-payer through, more than ever, in order to protect Californians.

#GrahamCassidyNO #SinglePayer

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