Jestin Samson Supports Ron Birnbaum for Assembly 51

Being a progressive warrior is only as good as the allies he or she has around them.  In AD 51, Dr. Ron Birnbaum embodies what it means to live out one’s progressive values.  Like our campaign, he has also chosen to reject all corporate contributions, which allows him to tell his constituents the truth, even if it is hard to say or hard to hear.  This also means that he is able to live out his progressive values without external consequence.

Dr. Birnbaum has also made single-payer healthcare (based on California Senate Bill 562) his primary goal, because too many people within his district and all across California have had to decide whether to see a doctor or pay the rent, pay for groceries, etc.  He also wants to see a complete ban on fracking, and making California’s public schools the best they can be, along with advancing universal Pre-K education and making public colleges and universities tuition-free.  Because of Dr. Birnbaum’s lifelong record of activism and having the courage and integrity to stand up to the party and political establishment, getting Dr. Ron Birnbaum into the California State Assembly is a must for our progressive movement to grow.  Having him in the State Assembly will also allow us to build a bridge where the progressive policies that either one of us introduce in our respective legislative chambers can have an ally in the other chamber.  October 3, 2017 is the AD 51 special election, and I am urging my supporters and those interested in advancing this political revolution, to come out to support and vote for Dr.  Ron Birnbaum.

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