Labor Day

Today we recognize those who have fought to make sure that workers not only have the right to safe and sanitary work conditions, but have the right to organize and unionize to assure those rights are recognized and respected along with assuring that workers be paid fair wages and benefits for their work.

We thank the pioneers of the labor movement for all they have done.

Despite their hard work, there is much work left to be done. There are several employers who still refuse to allow workers to unionize; there are several multinational corporations that refuse to pay their workers a living wage, despite the fact that their profits can be counted in the billions of dollars, and there are still some that don’t follow the rules when it comes to safe and sanitary work conditions.

As we celebrate this Labor Day, let’s keep this in mind and continue the struggle for workers’ rights and for economic justice for all. As State Senator, I will fight to make sure that workers are not only paid a living wage, but that the minimum wage will be indexed for inflation. I will strengthen laws to ensure that companies that choose to do business in California follow the rules to make sure workers have a safe and sanitary working environment and that workers are free to unionize without intimidation or fear of retaliation.

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