On September 3, 2017, Mr. Trump announced that he would be ending DACA (Deferred action status for undocumented children who came here with their parents). According to several articles, it is estimated that this would affect between seven and 800,000 individuals who came here with their parents, but recognize America as their home and the only home that they know.

Even though I was fortunate to be born in this country, being a child of immigrants, I understood the stories that I was told about the great lengths and hoops that people that I know had to jump through in order to get to this country. Many of the people that I know today live in fear that the federal government can easily pick them up and throw them out. And their crime, simply lacking the documentation needed or having no path to citizenship. Being around these people all the time, I can assure you that these people are hard-working, pay their taxes, and are seeking for a fair and humane process to become citizens of this country.

I call on the Trump administration to reconsider its decision to end DACA and to encourage Congress to pass fair, humane immigration reform that will benefit everyone.

As California State Senator, even though I understand that immigration is a Federal issue, what I can try to do is protect our undocumented brothers and sisters from the hand of ICE by making sure that we grant sanctuary to our hard-working immigrant brothers and sisters. Our campaign fully supports SB54 and if California is unable to ensure sanctuary, believe me, the fight for having California being a sanctuary state will not end because I will be re-introducing that same legislation.

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