Speaker Rendon – Californians need Single Payer Healthcare now!

Speaker Anthony¬†Rendon¬†recently decided to create a Facebook post in which he made some unfortunate comments targeted at the California Nurses Association and other Single Payer Healthcare advocates. Within the comment thread, Speaker Rendon¬†commented that the nurses were pulling a political stunt by holding him and all members of the State Assembly’s feet to the fire to debate,¬†¬†vote, and pass SB 562 The Healthy California Act, which would have guaranteed healthcare to all California residents.

With that, I am asking you to please respectfully comment on Speaker Rendon’s Facebook post to let him know why we need single-payer healthcare now more than ever in the State of California.¬†

Request that he would please allow the bill out of the rules committee and to respect the legislative process by allowing members of the State Assembly to amend the bill and fill in some of the holes within the current legislation. Below, you will find my response. If you don’t have Facebook, you can contact his office in Sacramento by dialing¬†916-319-2063.

Mr. Speaker,

I am a candidate for the California State Senate (34th district). Many of my constituents are low income and working class California residents who are clamoring for Healthcare. Though the Affordable Care Act passed at the federal level has done plenty of good for these people, many of them are underinsured or not even insured, despite the gains of the ACA.

As you may know, Latinx individuals tend to be the most underinsured population concerning healthcare. Almost half of my constituents consist of this particular group.

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of my constituents who are begging for universal healthcare, I am respectfully asking that you allow SB 562 out of the rules committee and respect the legislative process by allowing members of the assembly to work on the bill and amend it as needed. I am very aware of the flaws of SB 562, but I also know that if given an opportunity, the members of the assembly will reform the bill, allowing it to be model legislation that can be used throughout the entire nation. California can be a leader in the age of Trump and combat his agenda of throwing millions of people off of healthcare by assuring California residents that we believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right.

I look forward to seeing you do the right thing for your constituents, for my constituents, and for California.

Jestin Samson

California State Senate Candidate


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